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Rickenbacker 4003 s 8 FG 8 String 2002 Model

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Rickenbacker 4003 FG 8 String 2002 Model

We are very proud to be able to advertise for sale a 2002 model in a Near Mint condition. A Ric 4003 8 string. Yes 8 String.
If you are looking at Rics you know that they are in short supply globally. Well this is the first time that we have had our hands on an 8 string and believe me we have had lots of Rics in stock in the past.

International customers welcome. We speak English, French, German and Polish here at sound me out.

Give us a call for a shipping quote and payment method

This is the 8 string version of the 4003. It's solid maple with a dot inlayed rosewood fretboard on a 20 fretted neck that is body thru construction.
The guitar is in a very near mint condition except for a very small scratch by the output jack.

The electrics, fretboard and all parts and components are in perfect working order.

It has Rickenbacker pickups with the same volume and tone controls that you find on the 4003 from 2002, giving you the Ric sound that people yearn for.

It's also famous for its distinctive, elegantly curved body shape, dot fretboard inlays, mono output, neck-thru-body construction, double truss rods, and high output single-coil pickups with wide response range and brilliant clarity.

The Rickenbacker 4003 Bass is famous for its ringing sustain, treble punch, and solid underlying bottom end.

It comes complete with a Standard Rickenbacker hardcase that has a few scuffs here and there and the normal injured foot. The metal foot has a crack around it of around one inch. This is perfectly normal on Ric cases.

All in all, a very rare and highly desirable bass.

For more pics or info please call
International customers please call for a shipping and payment method.

This product was added to our catalog on Monday 07 April, 2008.

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